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Written by: Joseph Montgomery
We all have some level of anxiety in our lives.  For most this can be from simple deadlines, our busy schedules, or just paying bills.  Many Americans do suffer chronic/severe anxiety and sadly turn to medications for assistance to get through their days.  As stated here(Complete Article), 40 million or 18 percent of the population is currently experience anxiety disorders.  I find that many people overlook nutrition as one of the critical components of the healthy living system and there is a need to find more advanced care options that do not involve altering neurotransmitters with synthetic chemicals.
Here are my top three items every person should have within their natural healing medicine cabinet that you probably have never heard of from a medical professional.
This South American berry grows only in the Amazonian Rainforest and is an extremely powerful anxiety reducing phytocuetical.  The array of polyphenols and natural healing compounds wrapped up in this tart fruit is so impressive that we can list a couple of resource papers for levels of C3g or cyanidin-3-glucoside (Article) that can eliminate a common source of stress and anxiety, hypoglycemia. As a primary source of vitamin C it is highly functional also within the production and survival of serotonin storage and production for human balance of the diurnal cycles for sleep stress and insomnia.Camu-camu Berry Fruits
I personally love to add this very bitter highly effective study aid and ADHD balancer into my daily routine.  Chronic Stress and Anxiety creates a tremendous level of fatigue in the mind and body.  This herb uses a series of unique plant chemicals to alleviate stress from situations like project tasks, tests, and deadlines (Article).  It will not get the test questions answered for you but there is so much data out there about how it can keep you calm, focused, and in the right mindset until things are complete.Tea of Rhodiola rosea in cup with spoon on light board
Cardiovascular stress, adrenal fatigue, and mental acuity are only a couple of the main benefits from this amazing grass.  The powder is found in a tea usually and brewed like that of the powerful green tea, but without the issues of caffeine and arsenic.  As a person continues to stress routinely they will have a tremendous level of cardiac inflammation and swelling eventually leading to heart blockages and value regurgitations (Article).  Please continue to do as many healthy things are you can to balance and control your body naturally.
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Joseph Montgomery is a health and nutrition coach at the Optimal Wellness Network.


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