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Stress-Less Holidays

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Written By: Nancy Holguin

Release stress and enjoy your life even more using the power of your mind. Simple and easy solutions for taking charge of your life, mind-body and soul.

How can hypnotherapy help  me reduce stress?

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to float through life, they’re truly happy and excel, even though you know they face challenges too? Hypnotherapy creates peace of mind on a subconscious level. You’ll enjoy being in more control of how stress affects you, and find yourself responding to life’s challenges in effortless, powerful and positive ways.Woman being hypnotized while lying on the wooden floor

How will I enjoy hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is gentle, safe and comfortable. Clients of all ages enjoy our relaxing atmosphere and receive endless benefits from tapping into the power of their own mind, for healing and achieving, especially in the area of stress reduction and relaxation.pic-hypnosis-2

Increase self confidence to reduce stress!

Did you know, when you are more confident and less stressed your mind is free to enjoy life even more than ever before? Today we face many challenges, self confidence and stress don’t need to be challenges, especially when hypnotherapy is so effective in addressing these issues.

Hypnotherapy has been approved by the American Medical Association since 1958 and can assist you in getting healthy, fit, managing stress and building self-confidence. It’s time to enjoy your life more than ever before.

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Nancy Holguin is a certified hypnotherapist at the Optimal Wellness Network.


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Stress & Hormonal Chaos

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Written By: Dr. Laurie Blanscet

We all hear how stress is bad for our health but you may not fully understand what it does to your body.  A big part of the stress reaction are your adrenal glands.  You have two adrenal glands–one on top of each kidney.  These critical glands produce a variety of things–they produce Adrenaline (allows you to have a fight or flight reaction), Cortisol (anti-inflammatory, helps recovery from stress), Aldosterone (important for blood pressure and water/salt balance, and they also produce some sex Hormones (mainly DHEA and Testosterone).

When you are under mental or physical stress, your adrenal glands respond and produce Adrenaline and Cortisol.  This is a survival technique and it is an important reaction.  However, a problem arises when you are under prolonged stress.  Your body was designed to have bursts of stress, not chronic stress. And stress is either from real threats or threats that are only in our mind.  Chronic stress overworks your Adrenal gland and the hormone depletion can result in fatigue, insomnia, an increase in aches and pains, and a multitude of other symptoms.tired

It is important that you reduce the mental and physical stress that your body and mind are subjected to.  This is not something anti-anxiety pills or alcohol should be relied upon to do.   That type of treatment is not the answer.

There are a lot of things that you can do to naturally reduce the stress on your adrenal glands:

1. Turn off the news.  You can stay aware of what is going on in the world without being bombarded with the excess negativity that is pervasive in the news.  Hearing and seeing this negativity is perceived as a real threat by our mind and causes a physical stress reaction.  You may love the news, but it does not live your body.


2. Unplug from your phone and computer daily.  Turn these off each night at a set time and also set aside a no electronics time during the daytime on a weekly or daily basis.   When your phone needs to be on, have the alerts turned off so that you are not hearing every text or e mail that comes in.  Check your phone on your own schedule. You may enjoy the electronics in your life but they do cause a mental stress and adversely affect the hormones in your body.  The harder you find to turn off your electronics, the more important it is for you to do this.

3. Breathe deeply with your diaphragm.  People often breathe shallow without realizing it and this causes a stress on your system.  Practice taking slow deep breaths.  Whenever you feel stressed, stop and pay attention to your breathing. By slowing down and breathing deeper, it will reduce the stress response.

Yoga outdoor. Happy woman doing yoga exercises, meditate in the

4.  Get your hormones properly evaluated and replaced with bio-identical hormones.  Our hormones get depleted by chemicals in our environment as well as the stress that we live in.  When your hormonal deficiencies are replaced, this allows your adrenal glands to rest and recover.

5. Keep a gratitude journal and write in it daily.  Write down three things that you are grateful for. Do this no matter how small the items seem.  This helps to train your brain to be calm and keeps it from jumping to fight/flight on a whim.


Your mind and body are the most precious commodity that you possess.  Taking time out to care for you needs to be a top priority.  Your adrenal glands are critical to your body functioning properly.  These glands go into high gear when there is a real or imagined threat to you.  To minimize this, pay attention to the things you watch, read, say, and surround yourself with.  Breathe properly and allow your mind and body to have time to completely unplug.  I have found that when people take this advice seriously, they get the maximum benefits from their Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy.


Dr. Laurie Blanscet is an Integrative Medicine Doctor specializing in Bio-identical hormones and overall preventive care.

She also offers BioEnergy testing, Ozone, Prolozone, Glutathione, Myers cocktails, Chelation


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Calming Essential Oils

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Written By: Sharon Mayberry

Unfortunately, we live in a world of what sometimes seems like constant stress and anxiety.  More than half of my clients who consult with me suffer from these symptoms. Fortunately, aromatherapy provides a very effective, natural and safe remedy and very often helps keep my clients from needing prescription medication to alleviate their feelings of anxiety.  There are many wonderful oils to choose from which have great anti-anxiety properties.  I will discuss some of my favorites, as well as effective ways to incorporate these oils when needed.

If I could only choose two oils to keep in my collection to treat anxiety and stress, they would without a doubt be Palo Santo and Bergamot.  Palo Santo, also known as Holy Wood, is an extremely effective essential oil when dealing with anxiety and panic.  When my clients are prone to having panic attacks and/or palpitations, Palo Santo can almost instantly calm them down and bring fast relief.  Palo Santo is also an excellent choice for my clients who awaken during the night and can’t get back to sleep because of feelings of anxiety – it calms both the mind and body, and helps relax people back into a restorative sleep.

Bottles Of Thyme And Rosemary Essential Oil Or Infusion, Herbal

Bergamot is a bright, fresh, uplifting oil.  It has a wonderful, happy scent and I just love it because while it is uplifting, it is also calming at the same time; perfect for anxiety, especially when coupled with depression.

Mandarin (green) is also an excellent essential oil to help aid anxiety.  It has a beautiful energy, smells wonderful, and really helps to diminish feelings of anxiousness.

Melissa and Neroli are both soothing and calming to the nervous system, and uplifting as well.  Both essential oils are best used in small quantities, and can also help when clients experience anxiety accompanied by serious shock and/or emotional trauma.

Lavender Spa

Patchouli is a lovely, calming oil which can also greatly assist in reducing stress, depression and anxiety.  It has a deep, often familiar and calming aroma and blends well with Lavender, which is another well known, loved and effective calming oil.

Now that we have some perfect oils in our collection to deal with stress and anxiety, what do we do with them? Essential oils work best when two or more oils with like components are blended together – they work synergistically, and you will get a better result than if you just use one single oil.  My favorite way to use essential oils for anxiety are blended in a personal inhaler.  Inhalers are portable, discrete, very affordable, last a few months, and when you use them, they offer almost immediate relief.  Diffusing is another popular method of using oils to treat anxiety.  When you are in the privacy of your home, it is a perfect way to use your anti-anxiety essential oil blends.  Creams and lotions can also be prepared, and can be quite effective, especially if you are kept awake with anxious thoughts.  When blended with some sedative oils, this is a perfect way to get much needed sleep.

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I highly recommend, if you suffer from anxiety, whether chronic or occasional, to try adding aromatherapy as a perfect tool to help alleviate the symptoms. I always encourage my clients to try to keep stress away as much as possible.  Reiki, hypnotherapy, proper nutrition and self care, and occasionally pampering yourself all can help you stay relaxed and get to the root of your anxiety.  The Optimal You practitioners all work together to help you be the best YOU can be.

Sharon Mayberry is a clinical aromatherapist at the Optimal Wellness Network.


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Natural Healing Items

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Written by: Joseph Montgomery
We all have some level of anxiety in our lives.  For most this can be from simple deadlines, our busy schedules, or just paying bills.  Many Americans do suffer chronic/severe anxiety and sadly turn to medications for assistance to get through their days.  As stated here(Complete Article), 40 million or 18 percent of the population is currently experience anxiety disorders.  I find that many people overlook nutrition as one of the critical components of the healthy living system and there is a need to find more advanced care options that do not involve altering neurotransmitters with synthetic chemicals.
Here are my top three items every person should have within their natural healing medicine cabinet that you probably have never heard of from a medical professional.
This South American berry grows only in the Amazonian Rainforest and is an extremely powerful anxiety reducing phytocuetical.  The array of polyphenols and natural healing compounds wrapped up in this tart fruit is so impressive that we can list a couple of resource papers for levels of C3g or cyanidin-3-glucoside (Article) that can eliminate a common source of stress and anxiety, hypoglycemia. As a primary source of vitamin C it is highly functional also within the production and survival of serotonin storage and production for human balance of the diurnal cycles for sleep stress and insomnia.Camu-camu Berry Fruits
I personally love to add this very bitter highly effective study aid and ADHD balancer into my daily routine.  Chronic Stress and Anxiety creates a tremendous level of fatigue in the mind and body.  This herb uses a series of unique plant chemicals to alleviate stress from situations like project tasks, tests, and deadlines (Article).  It will not get the test questions answered for you but there is so much data out there about how it can keep you calm, focused, and in the right mindset until things are complete.Tea of Rhodiola rosea in cup with spoon on light board
Cardiovascular stress, adrenal fatigue, and mental acuity are only a couple of the main benefits from this amazing grass.  The powder is found in a tea usually and brewed like that of the powerful green tea, but without the issues of caffeine and arsenic.  As a person continues to stress routinely they will have a tremendous level of cardiac inflammation and swelling eventually leading to heart blockages and value regurgitations (Article).  Please continue to do as many healthy things are you can to balance and control your body naturally.
Schedule a consultation with me for powerful nutritional knowledge and developing a personal healing strategy.

Joseph Montgomery is a health and nutrition coach at the Optimal Wellness Network.


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Certified Aromatherapist Benefits

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Written By: Sharon Mayberry

So many people are enjoying the benefits of aromatherapy and seeing improvement in their health and wellbeing. However, some of my clients have had negative experiences with essential oils because they used oils without first consulting with a trained, certified aromatherapist. Below are some of the many benefits from using a certified aromatherapist, rather than just purchasing oils at a shop or through a company.

Bars Of Homemade Soaps, Dry Lavender Flowers And Essential Oil.

I completed over 350 hours of training to receive accreditation.

  • I was extensively trained and tested in chemistry, anatomy and physiology, and essential oil usage.
  • I have been trained in essential oil safety.
  • I know which oils you need to avoid based on your medical history.
  • I have access to information regarding the chemical makeup of hundreds of oils and know which chemical components to look for within those oils to address specific issues.
  • I create each blend specifically for each client.  I do not use a “one size fits all” approach in my practice. For example, each client who comes to me for migraines does not leave with the same blend – I blend holistically for each individual
  • I am trained in essential oil safety for infants, toddlers and children.
  • I am knowledgeable regarding methods of delivery and which methods work best in each individual situation (for example, if you need a custom blend to diffuse or a lotion).
  • I continually further my education and keep up to date through professional organizations (National Association of Holistic Aromatherapists and Alliance of International Aromatherapists).
  • I am always available for each client through in-person consults, telephone or e-mail, and am always available for any questions or concerns after they have received their customized products.

There are so many wonderful benefits of aromatherapy – when used safely and properly. I encourage you to always consult with your certified aromatherapist.

Lavender Spa

Sharon Mayberry is a clinical aromatherapist at the Optimal Wellness Network.



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5 Steps to Detox


Written By: Joseph Montgomery

I am so honored to be able to share my ideas and passion surrounding the medical system in America.  I wanted to more explicitly assist those interested in establishing a self-care program with my five simple everyday steps you can do to begin to make a change in your life. 

The 5 Steps:

  1. Waking up each morning and beginning your day with 20 ounces of fresh Spring Water. We are so commonly deficient in major minerals that provide the foundations of greater health.  Purified water has the benefit of removing contamination, however it is also eliminating the beneficial minerals.  You can take control by adding back minerals from a product like Eidon’s MultiMinerals or a pinch of high quality Icelandic Sea Salt which has better mineral balance than Himalayan found at Raw Revelations.
  2. Using a personal behavior change to mentally check in with your hunger level each morning and consciously decide “am I bored, upset, or tired” or “am I actually hungry for food?”  If you find you are hungry eat small simple meals until after 10-11 am for most people.  Simple means broth soup, sautéed veggies, lean protein, a few nuts or seeds, or two eggs no bacon.  Just understand your liver doesn’t fully activate until around 11 am and this means breakfast could be hurting you more than helping. bigstock--143491262
  3. Choose one natural anti-inflammatory herb that you enjoy in your diet and begin to use it routinely.  People can have a natural intuition for their own healing system.  If you like herbs like ginger, turmeric, cinnamon, mint, black pepper or even just lemon, then you can help begin to balance the simple aches and pains within your body and it can drastically improve your health.  Sometimes that improvement comes from reducing a chemical or pharmaceutical solution being added to your body.  There is a great deal to learn, but you can do it with a great guide very easily.
  4. At night the greatest benefit to the human body in healing is to provide magnesium rich salts like Bokek Dead Sea Salt or Magnesium Flake Salts to a bath.  Begin with ½ cup in your bath and work up to 4 cups nightly increasing relaxation and decreasing muscle cramping.  Heart disease and hypertension suffering people need to be aware of medical concerns and require a specialized program.  Spinal alignment, enhanced sleep function, better detoxification, and less irritation to thyroid and adrenal glands are some of the amazing benefits from
  5. Begin to schedule your rest and take time for yourself though each day, week, and month to begin to see life in less of an American Paradigm.  We are working ourselves to death with minimal reward these days.  Exercise is not rest.  Errands are not rest.  Take time to breath, think, and begin to enjoy the best of your life today.  There are no promises of another day.  Invest into yourself now.  Make greater memories than you have now.laugh

If you are interested in discovering more information about his natural healing platform, education, lectures, and more please connect by going to or search through Facebook and YouTube for more information. 

Joseph Montgomery is a health and nutrition coach at the Optimal Wellness Network.


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Glutathione and Detoxification

Written By: Dr. Laurie Blanscet
Glutathione is found in every cell in your body.  It is a simple molecule that is made up of three different amino acids.  Although it is seemingly simple, Glutathione is one of the most powerful anti-oxidants that our body makes.  It fights free radicals and keeps your cells safe from destructive forces.  It is an important component for detoxification.
Dietary sources of Glutathione itself are of minimal impact on your Glutathione level.  Your cells make about 98% of your Glutathione so it is more important to support your body’s natural ability to create Glutathione.  Keep your gut healthy by avoiding food allergens (common ones are wheat, corn, dairy) and taking a good probiotic on a regular basis.  Eating organic whole foods that are non allergenic will help your gut to stay healthy.  A healthy gut allows you to absorb the nutrients in your foods and these nutrients are the building blocks for Glutathione, among other things.
There are foods that specifically help your body to create more Glutathione:
  • Cauliflower
  • Broccoli
  • Cabbage
  • Brussels sprouts
  • Garlic
  • Parsley
  • Spinach
  • Beets
  • Turmeric
  • Cinnamon
  • Cardamom
  • Black seeds (black cumin)
If you are exposed to anesthesia or chemicals, are feeling under the weather, or are undergoing a detoxification program I like to also add an injection or IV of Glutathione.  Taking Glutathione orally is ineffective.  Glutathione Injection or IV’s assist your body more rapidly than taking oral precursors for your body to make Glutathione. It is a safe and effective way to assist your body in healing and detoxifying.
Glutathione injections and IV’s can also help to reduce your inflammation, fight against neurodegenerative diseases (ie Alzheimer’s), help your arteries stay clear, decrease chronic pain, and overall help you age more gracefully.
Dr. Laurie Blanscet is an Integrative Medicine Doctor specializing in Bio-identical hormones and overall preventive care.
She also offers BioEnergy testing, Ozone, Prolozone, Glutathione, Myers cocktails, Chelation
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Detox Your Mind

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Written By: Nancy Holguin
Detoxing is now a vital and necessary part of any healthy living program.  One of the ways to go about this begins by reducing the amount of toxins entering our system all together. Now, you may already do this by selecting clean & organic foods, skin care, cleaning products, etc. But, did you know one of the ways to reduce toxins in our body is by reducing mental stress?  Mental stress ends up wreaking all kinds of havoc in our body, creating a toxic environment, and can be greatly reduced simply by changing our ‘not so helpful’ familiar thoughts and reactions we have to challenging situations.
You might be thinking “That sounds nice, but how?”  Let’s talk about that, you see we have these things called ‘neuropathways’ in our brain that work much like the road we take to get from one place to another.  After living in the same area for over 20 years, I know there are numerous ways to get across town.  Some are pretty, some are fast, and others are full of traffic congestion and take forever.  Until I knew there were easier ways to get around town, the only road I knew of was the one full of congestion and delays, which usually caused me to be late and get frustrated. Today, I know there are smoother and easier ways to get to where I want to go. So, unless I just want to take the long and slow route, I choose a better one.
Light Bulb Head
This is what we can do with the thoughts in our mind.  To process information, address challenges and create solutions we have a route of thought we typically travel on.  Until we know of a smoother and clearer road, we simply take the only road we are familiar with.  If this road is not taking you on a joyful, gentle, and stress-less ride, you may want to consider finding or creating a new one!  And like all things ‘new’, this can be a bit confusing and unfamiliar.  You can stumble onto a new path, spend precious time researching how to find one, use trial and error to figure it out, or contact your friendly neighborhood Hypnotherapist for a professional fast-track plan to creating new pathways.  Your Hypnotherapist is trained to quickly and easily partner with you to reduce stress, increase confidence, and learn how to overcome challenging situations in a peaceful and gentle way.
We can’t eliminate challenges and difficult situations, but we can use the power of our mind to handle them in a completely different way.  In fact, you can literally re-wire your brain, as described in the The Power of Neuroplasticity, by Dr. Shad Helmstetter.  In this book, Dr. Helmstetter presents the scientific discovery that the thoughts we think physically rewire and reshape our brains and change our lives.  How would you like to wire your brain to change attitudes, overcome negativity, improve health & fitness, reach personal goals, increase mental clarity, and super-charge your life, simply by changing your thoughts?
We weren’t designed to live a life full of stress and worry, so why not find a new road to take that will make the journey as pleasant and enjoyable as possible?  After a few sessions with your Hypnotherapist, creating new pathways that serve you better, you’ll be on your way to a more relaxing, prosperous, exciting and enjoyable journey on this road we call life.
Nancy Holguin is a certified hypnotherapist at the Optimal Wellness Network.
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Optimal Thoughts

Hypnotherapist holding pendulum before her patient in therapists
Written By: Nancy Holguin

We have all heard the saying ‘You are what you eat,” which is true.  However, that is not all we are.  We’re also the thoughts we think about, all day long.  A famous visionary once said “If you think you can, you can.  If you think you can’t, you’re probably right.”  This visionary was Henry Ford, the man responsible for creating the Ford Motor Company.  He motivated and inspired his staff of engineers to continue creating inventions and processes that were formerly thought to be impossible.  His belief was that “If you could conceive it, and believe it, you could achieve it” (Napoleon Hill) .

Let’s take this concept into the health and wellness arena.  The first thing we can count on is that every cell in our body has intelligence.  They have been designed to function a certain way, intending to offer optimal health and wellness to the individual.  Often times, we get out of alignment with this original design and look to health professionals to relieve us of our symptoms.  This is great, because who wants to suffer unwanted symptoms?  However, if we stop there we’ll be missing out on true optimal health, because our mind can also be part of our medicine cabinet, sending ‘prescriptions’ to our cells through the thoughts we think and the words we say. 

For example, when we experience fatigue we often say “I’m so tired all the time.”  You can check with your Doctor to see what can be fine tuned, or if there is a serious underlying problem.  In addition, you can think to yourself “My body is recharging and will soon be full of energy” or “I am being filled with energy with every breath I take.”  Try it out, say this to yourself right now, followed by 3-5 deep breaths in an out.  Then notice how where your energy level is.  My guess is that it has increased, even if it starts out slowly.

Of course you want to be sure you’re getting proper rest, nutrition and exercise. But, if you still find you are struggling with feeling your best, consider consulting with a Hypnotherapist.  You may find that fine tuning your mind is just what the Doctor ordered.  Find a Hypnotherapist who will first give you a Complimentary Consultation to discover if Hypnosis is a fit for you.  From there you and your Hypnotherapist can design a program customized for your personal health and wellness needs.  Remember, you are what you think!

Nancy Holguin is a certified hypnotherapist at the Optimal Wellness Network.
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Poor Concentration & Memory


Written By Sharon Mayberry

There are numerous essential oils which can help us aid our ability to concentrate and improve our memory.

Many are aware that Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis ct. verbenone) is frequently used to assist us with focus and concentration. It is a popular choice for good reason! Rosemary has the ability to promote arterial circulation of the blood, which stimulates our cerebral activity. Rosemary is wonderful at helping our concentration when the lack of focus is due to a nervous debility. It’s fresh, bright aroma make it a perfect oil to reach for in the mornings.

Laurel Leaf essential oil (Laurus nobilis) is another excellent choice to aid in our concentration and memory. Laurel Leaf, like Rosemary, has the ability to strengthen presence of mind. Laurel Leaf is the perfect choice when trying to study or learn something new, and extra focus and concentration is needed. This is a good oil to diffuse at this time of year when school is once again starting, as not only does it aid concentration, but it helps move stuck energy. Laurel Leaf has a beautiful, pleasant aroma.

Tea Tree essential oil (Melaleuca alternifolia) is another option. Like Rosemary, it stimulates the cerebral flow of blood. Tea Tree is especially helpful with those adversely affected by poor vitality and health. The aroma of Tea Tree is quite strong, and I find that most clients feel strongly about the scent – they either love it or hate it. If you want the benefits of Tea Tree, but don’t love the aroma, it can be more enjoyable when blended with other oils, like Orange or Lemon.

A lesser known, but beautiful oil which is helpful with concentration is Davana (Artemisia pallens). Davana can help our focus while also bringing inner peace. Overall, it is a very emotionally balancing oil. It has a fruity, slightly woody aroma and a gorgeous, rich orange color.

When using essential oils for focus, a great delivery method is diffusing. Another option, if working in a library, office or school setting is an inhaler.

Enjoy discovering some new oils, and have fun with some old favorites. Concentration and improved memory are within your reach when you know which oils to to best help your intention.

Sharon Mayberry is a clinical aromatherapist at the Optimal Wellness Network.

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