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Do you get tired of searching the internet for health information? Are you getting confused by the overload of information that is out there? Do you have trouble knowing who and what to believe??

Health Education Temecula

We are in the age of information and it can often be overwhelming. The good thing is that you have access to information that you previously would have had difficulty getting. The bad thing is that it is often difficult to know what to do with the information that you get and it is difficult to know if the source of the information is trustworthy.

We have a conference room at Optimal Wellness Network that solves that dilemma: we have the ability to hold workshops on current health topics at no charge, or a minimal charge, to you. You have access to multiple wellness practitioners who stay on top of the latest research in their respective field. The workshops are given in an informal learning environment where you feel comfortable interacting with the presenter, getting your questions answered and concerns addressed.

It is enjoyable for us to give back to our community by offering free educational health workshops that enhance the lives of those who attend. Our payment is seeing you walk away enlightened by the information that you receive.

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