Colon Hydrotherapist: Julianne Villalpando

One of life’s greatest accomplishments is finding your gift and purpose in life. It is my pleasure to be working with a network of individuals who have found their gift and are sharing their passion for the benefit of health and wellness in others.


I’ve been a colon hydrotherapist for the past 10 years. I studied at the Internal Environment Institute. Colon hydrotherapy was introduced to me after having my first baby; I became severely constipated and admitted to the hospital for surgery. Unsure and scared about this surgery, and just becoming a mother, I began to pray for another answer. I decided not to have the surgery and was released 10 days later. My aunt who was battling cancer told me about “Colonics.” I thought she was insane, until the pain returned, and then I said, “Sign me up!”

Six sessions later I lost 17 pounds of fecal toxins, my asthma improved, my skin glowed like a movie star, and my mind clarity was at an ultimate high. I couldn’t believe how colonics changed my life. I never realized how much my quality of life and overall health was being negatively affected by having poor bowel functioning. While I was hospitalized I was never asked if I had regular bowel movements. Instead, I was told my transverse colon was inflamed and exploratory surgery was the only answer to my pain. I am glad that I discovered colonics; it saved me from a life of pain, and improved my overall health and well-being.

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