Chelation Therapy | Dr. Laurie Blanscet

We live in a toxic world and this results in many different diseases and complaints. Heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, arsenic, and mercury poison key enzyme systems in your body and play a key role in causing age related disease states. Our bodies were not designed to deal with these toxins. We do a poor job of removing them and these toxins accumulate over our lifetime.


When we are young and healthy our body can generally handle this toxic stress; storing them in different parts of our body. As we age, our “dump sites” overflow and our enzyme systems begin to fail, and then we get sick. This starts with conditions such as high blood pressure and cholesterol; or we may feel tired and/or have pain for no apparent reason.

In later years metal toxicity may show itself in diseases that may end our life: cancer, heart disease, dementia, neuropathy, etc. Many people seek chelation therapy after the more serious damage is done; while this can still help, the best time to get heavy metal testing and seek chelation therapy is before you have significant symptoms.

The first step is to get a urine heavy metal test (kit provided from our office). Then, a consultation occurs with Dr. Blanscet and a specialty pharmacist to devise the best chelation plan for you based on your results. This will be discussed with you and you will decide on how you wish to proceed.

IV chelation is considered the best way to remove your body of the toxic heavy metals. Patience is required in treating your heavy metals—we are not going to get the job done in1 or 2 months. It took many years to accumulate the heavy metals and it will take a little while to remove the damage. The good news is that it can be done.