Certified Aromatherapist Benefits

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Written By: Sharon Mayberry

So many people are enjoying the benefits of aromatherapy and seeing improvement in their health and wellbeing. However, some of my clients have had negative experiences with essential oils because they used oils without first consulting with a trained, certified aromatherapist. Below are some of the many benefits from using a certified aromatherapist, rather than just purchasing oils at a shop or through a company.

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I completed over 350 hours of training to receive accreditation.

  • I was extensively trained and tested in chemistry, anatomy and physiology, and essential oil usage.
  • I have been trained in essential oil safety.
  • I know which oils you need to avoid based on your medical history.
  • I have access to information regarding the chemical makeup of hundreds of oils and know which chemical components to look for within those oils to address specific issues.
  • I create each blend specifically for each client.  I do not use a “one size fits all” approach in my practice. For example, each client who comes to me for migraines does not leave with the same blend – I blend holistically for each individual
  • I am trained in essential oil safety for infants, toddlers and children.
  • I am knowledgeable regarding methods of delivery and which methods work best in each individual situation (for example, if you need a custom blend to diffuse or a lotion).
  • I continually further my education and keep up to date through professional organizations (National Association of Holistic Aromatherapists and Alliance of International Aromatherapists).
  • I am always available for each client through in-person consults, telephone or e-mail, and am always available for any questions or concerns after they have received their customized products.

There are so many wonderful benefits of aromatherapy – when used safely and properly. I encourage you to always consult with your certified aromatherapist.

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Sharon Mayberry is a clinical aromatherapist at the Optimal Wellness Network.




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