Calming Essential Oils

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Written By: Sharon Mayberry

Unfortunately, we live in a world of what sometimes seems like constant stress and anxiety.  More than half of my clients who consult with me suffer from these symptoms. Fortunately, aromatherapy provides a very effective, natural and safe remedy and very often helps keep my clients from needing prescription medication to alleviate their feelings of anxiety.  There are many wonderful oils to choose from which have great anti-anxiety properties.  I will discuss some of my favorites, as well as effective ways to incorporate these oils when needed.

If I could only choose two oils to keep in my collection to treat anxiety and stress, they would without a doubt be Palo Santo and Bergamot.  Palo Santo, also known as Holy Wood, is an extremely effective essential oil when dealing with anxiety and panic.  When my clients are prone to having panic attacks and/or palpitations, Palo Santo can almost instantly calm them down and bring fast relief.  Palo Santo is also an excellent choice for my clients who awaken during the night and can’t get back to sleep because of feelings of anxiety – it calms both the mind and body, and helps relax people back into a restorative sleep.

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Bergamot is a bright, fresh, uplifting oil.  It has a wonderful, happy scent and I just love it because while it is uplifting, it is also calming at the same time; perfect for anxiety, especially when coupled with depression.

Mandarin (green) is also an excellent essential oil to help aid anxiety.  It has a beautiful energy, smells wonderful, and really helps to diminish feelings of anxiousness.

Melissa and Neroli are both soothing and calming to the nervous system, and uplifting as well.  Both essential oils are best used in small quantities, and can also help when clients experience anxiety accompanied by serious shock and/or emotional trauma.

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Patchouli is a lovely, calming oil which can also greatly assist in reducing stress, depression and anxiety.  It has a deep, often familiar and calming aroma and blends well with Lavender, which is another well known, loved and effective calming oil.

Now that we have some perfect oils in our collection to deal with stress and anxiety, what do we do with them? Essential oils work best when two or more oils with like components are blended together – they work synergistically, and you will get a better result than if you just use one single oil.  My favorite way to use essential oils for anxiety are blended in a personal inhaler.  Inhalers are portable, discrete, very affordable, last a few months, and when you use them, they offer almost immediate relief.  Diffusing is another popular method of using oils to treat anxiety.  When you are in the privacy of your home, it is a perfect way to use your anti-anxiety essential oil blends.  Creams and lotions can also be prepared, and can be quite effective, especially if you are kept awake with anxious thoughts.  When blended with some sedative oils, this is a perfect way to get much needed sleep.

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I highly recommend, if you suffer from anxiety, whether chronic or occasional, to try adding aromatherapy as a perfect tool to help alleviate the symptoms. I always encourage my clients to try to keep stress away as much as possible.  Reiki, hypnotherapy, proper nutrition and self care, and occasionally pampering yourself all can help you stay relaxed and get to the root of your anxiety.  The Optimal You practitioners all work together to help you be the best YOU can be.

Sharon Mayberry is a clinical aromatherapist at the Optimal Wellness Network.


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