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Are you able to move around and do the activities that you want to do? Do you have the energy to do the things that make you happy? Do you have the motivation and desire to get up and go places? Do you enjoy getting around people and engaging in social activities? Are you happy with the quality of your life? If not, you should be!!!

Active Healthy Lifestyle Temecula

As you age, you should be able to continue to enjoy your life. You are not supposed to slowly fall apart and deteriorate slowly with time. Stop settling for daily pain, fatigue, and depression! You are designed to be able to function well as you age: both mentally and physically. You should be able to live a long, full life and then die fairly quickly when it is your time to go. You should not slowly die, deteriorating slowly over 10 -20+ years: being on more and more medications, having less and less ability to function mentally and physically, and having less enjoyment of life.

How do you age better than you currently are? You must address nutrition, sleep, physical movement, mind state, toxin exposure, hormonal balance, sources of pain, etc. It takes a whole body approach to age gracefully. Yes, it takes work but so does taking care of your car or house. A lot of people spend time and money on their car or house but do not do the same to their body. Your body is the one thing that is not replaceable! Isn’t spending time, energy, and money on making sure that your body and mind function optimally a good investment??

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