Introducing Optimal Wellness Network (O.W.N.)

What is optimal wellness?? Optimal wellness is when you are living your life at the top level of your personal capabilities and this is different for each person. The definition depends on you!! How do you picture optimal wellness?? Is it living without medications?? Having the energy to run after your kids or grandkids?? Being able to bend over or walk without pain?? Is it being able to run a marathon?? Is it being able to wake up for the day feeling ready to battle the day ahead?? Is it being able to remember things well? Is it living strong despite having cancer or some other illness?? Is it having no stomach issues or other pain in your body?

When looking to create their optimal level of functioning, most people need help. That is understandable with the overload of information that is out there. You want to work on feeling vital and being able to enjoy your life, and this often takes several different types of Traditional and Complementary health professionals. In order to have a true integrative approach to your health you find that you need different services, but you do not want to run around town going from one place to another. In addition, you would love for the different wellness professionals that you see to be able to communicate easily with each other in order to better fine tune your overall health. The Optimal Wellness Network (OWN) was formed in order to fill that need.

“OWN your health” is the motto of this amazing network of traditional and complementary health professionals. We put you in the driver’s seat of your health—giving you what you personally need in order to achieve better health and vitality. You are unique and have unique needs, desires, and challenges to overcome. The Optimal Wellness Network gives you a place to go where you know that you will receive the highest quality services that are customized to your needs. OWN is a network of independent practices that consist of well trained and effective wellness oriented professionals that have united under one roof in order to make your life easy!

We believe in empowering you with great information and because of this we offer a variety of wellness workshops, in addition to offering one on one services. For the calendar of events and for more information on the different wellness oriented professionals Click Here

Our network of independent practices is located at:

29995 Technology Drive, suites 201, 202, 203 in Murrieta, California

Our Areas of Practice Consist of the following:

We look forward to working with you to find your optimal health!!!